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In the spirit of making the ordinary errands extra Ital-dinary, I bring you this week’s photo, inspired by Italy’s debunked and ousted former Prime Minister, Mr. Berlusconi.

You see, I was at the watch repair shop having a few links removed from a watch that was made in my birth year, which of course makes it vintage.  I snapped this shot while waiting behind an Italian man dressed in a sharp tailored suit, trying to convince the watch repair man to fix his false, chunky Hublot watch, to which the repair man adamantly refused to work with, let alone touch it.  He picked it up with a pencil, swinging it around slowly, observing it as though it were a dead mouse, while the watch’s owner said it was given to him as a gag gift.  To which the repair man replied, “Sir, this is laughing matter.  I will not repair it.”  Italians are rightfully proud of their design savvy, and find no tolerance with shoddy products.

I am a bit off-topic here, but perhaps the binding tie is the sharp suited man who shares the same penchant for suits and false parts, as his former prime minister who prefers his artificial components in the long strand of women with plumped up lips and breasts out to —————> here, which he placed in powerful positions of government or on his television stations.

I could write for days on Berlusconi and his shenanigans – but for the purpose of this post will keep it brief, and  offer up only my top three Berlusconi blunders:

1.  The most famous and perhaps most damning – was his indictment of paying for under-age hanky panky with a 17-year old dancer, Ruby Rubacuore.  Miss Heart Stealer, as her last name reads when translated, denied this, but no one bought it.

2.  The same aforementioned lady of the night, after being picked up by the local police for robbing things other than hearts, gave a call to her pal Berlusconi, who called for her immediate release – a blatant abuse of his office.

3.  As if publishing the German chancellor’s photo with her hand raised in an oath-taking fashion, with the article title of “Running the Fourth Reich” in his own newspaper, or, calling her an un-bleepable lard arse (obvious PG-13ing editing here) in public is bad enough, just watch how he kept her waiting at a NATO summit while he chatted it up on his cellphone.  One would think you would play nice with the one person who is most likely to keep you, (and your country) afloat in the Eurozone that is a dangerzone.

With just a taste of the ever-unsatiated and randy Italian leader, it may make more sense of why, what I saw on a small table in the watch repair shop makes such a fabulous topic for today’s Foto Friday.  Famous for his gatherings/harems/bacchanal/blow-outs, these festivities have come to be known as Bunga Bunga parties, which has no direct translation – but does it really need one?   I give you, the Bunga Bunga Time cardboard watch display, found next to the dried flowers and hand-made doily at said watch repair shop. I don’t know what is more Italian, the audacity to manufacture and market this product, or the fact that this display would indicate that they’re all sold out.